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Invest in Real Estate, Invest in Your Future

Several days ago, when I shared my new home location on Facebook, my inbox almost instantly became flooded with messages, such as: "Have you bought a new apartment?", "What is up with this change?", "Are you crazy to be ...

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Buying Real Estate is a Safe Investment

Globally speaking, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a decrease in activity on the real estate markets. This predicament also impacted Serbia, especially under the partial movement restriction conditions that were intr...

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A safe haven for young lovers and court secrets When you get to experience history in your head once, nothing is the same after. Maybe after reading article, you will have a different perspective on the traffic light ne...

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Home – the place where I feel the safest

Drinking your first morning coffee with your partner on the balcony with a view of the most beautiful part of Belgrade was a luxury just two weeks ago, and now it's a ritual. Now you remember why you decided to buy a fl...

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Do You Know What Golf Players and Skyline Residents Have in Common?

Belgrade, October 31, 2019 – In the world of sports, golf takes a special place as it is more than just a sport as such. Golf is a test of one's character, it is a social event, a great form of physical exercise. Its es...

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Skyline Belgrade: 80 percent of Tower A complete

First residents by the end of the year Business and residential complex Skyline Belgrade is progressing exceptionally quickly and as much as 80% of Tower A has been completed up to this moment. The first residents will ...

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