Skyline Belgrade

Do You Know What Golf Players and Skyline Residents Have in Common?

Belgrade, October 31, 2019 – In the world of sports, golf takes a special place as it is more than just a sport as such. Golf is a test of one's character, it is a social event, a great form of physical exercise.

Its essence is embodied in the reluctant expectance of a memorable perfect shot. Golf is also the only sport that was played on the surface of the Moon, that is played by the wealthiest sportsman in the world and that evokes the unique feeling of envy.

Skyline Belgrade has shown that the aforementioned facts are not just a dead letter by gathering golf aficionados and organizing a golf tournament at the Golf club Belgrade.

Forty-four players competed in A, B and C handicap categories and the wining title was taken by Mr. Radomir Beloševac. After the tournament, all the attendees got to enjoy the positive atmosphere and a joint lunch.

In golf, as in apartment hunting, players' strategy and strategic decision-making are the most important. When it comes to the sport of golf, there is no hurry, no stress and no strain.

That is why pleasure, hedonism and luxury are what golf players and Skyline residents have in common.