Skyline Belgrade

Home – the place where I feel the safest

Drinking your first morning coffee with your partner on the balcony with a view of the most beautiful part of Belgrade was a luxury just two weeks ago, and now it's a ritual. Now you
remember why you decided to buy a flat in that building and you are not sorry that you took
out that china bought for special moments. Because this is a very special moment - a moment
that has shaken and calmed us all down a little. You have decided to stay at home with your
family and thus contribute to the whole society recovering as soon as possible, but also to
“reset”. It is time for us to shorten all-day meetings, relieve ourselves of unnecessary stress, it
is time to finally have lunch together and laugh. Although going shopping right now seems like
you are going undercover, you are lucky that the store is around the corner and you can see
from your window when the crowd is the smallest. What is usually mundane and ordinary, but
currently a luxury, is the location where you reside, that is, how close it is to stores, pharmacies
or health institutions. This is exactly what reminded you why your apartment won out over the
competition when you decided to buy it. Now, when you have more free time, you will realize
that you notice some things more and appreciate them more. You will understand the
importance of silence and how important good insulation is when a building is full of people and
you need peace because you are putting your baby to sleep. You will appreciate having a good
building maintenance system, because elevators and common areas are disinfected on a daily
basis. Your pets will be grateful to you for arranging for them to have a park close to their
home, where they can enjoy themselves for as long as it is allowed.
During these times, when the health of your family, and the entire community, comes first, it is
important to be grateful for spending time with our loved ones at home. You have adapted your
home so each member feels comfortable, you have enough space so everyone has their own
spot to relax, and on the other hand, you have a big living room where you can sing karaoke
with your children, or finally do yoga. Scientists found that if you repeat an activity for 21 days,
it becomes a habit, and doing sports is certainly one of the better decisions you can make.
Use this period of isolation as best you can, and enjoy your home. Decorate it. Rearrange the
furniture. Unpack the dinner set you received as a wedding gift, and serve a dish you made for
the first time in it. Use every moment to enjoy your home, because soon, you will be drinking
your first morning coffee in a rush while juggling between packing your child’s lunch and
reading emails on your phone, again.