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Invest in Real Estate, Invest in Your Future

Several days ago, when I shared my new home location on Facebook, my inbox almost instantly became flooded with messages, such as: "Have you bought a new apartment?", "What is up with this change?", "Are you crazy to be buying an apartment in the midst of this crisis?". Yes, it is true. My husband and I decided to buy our very first property at this exact moment in time, because we want to secure our children's futures.

This is just one of many examples confirming the expert opinion that, regardless of the economic downfall caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market remains unbothered and unshaken. In conversation with this young couple from Belgrade awaiting the birth of their second child, we touched upon the reasons why they decided to make this courageous step.

My husband and I own a family business centered around furniture design and production. In the last 7 years, we lived between Moscow and Belgrade, and my impression is that I spent most of my life living out of suitcases. When we had our firstborn Saša, we were thinking whether it was the right time to buy our own apartment, but ended up deciding against it and waiting. Now, as we are preparing for the arrival of our girl Staša, we consulted our partners, as well as experts, and decided that the time has finally come to buy an apartment in order to secure our children's futures. From what you can see yourselves, the world has been turned upside down, whilst the safety of banks and savings can no longer be guaranteed.

Many will resort to saying that Lana and her husband Darko have it easy, because they own their own business both here and abroad. However, strategic thinking about the future is also common among the people residing in smaller communities, who work in the agriculture sector. One of them is Aleksa, who hails from Sombor, and who purchased his very first apartment in the Serbian capital with the help of his parents.

"Working in the agriculture sector is in my blood. Upon graduating from high school, it was only natural for me to enroll in the Department of Agriculture of the University of Belgrade. During my studies, I met many young, ambitious peers with whom I ended up creating a platform that will make the jobs of many farmers much easier. While I was studying, I was living in a rental, thinking how much money I was "wasting". Upon receiving my degree, I spoke to my parents, we did some math and decided to use our savings in the best possible way - to buy an apartment. Now, I know that I have a secure roof over my head. In addition, if I ever end up having to go back to Sombor for work, I will be able to rent the apartment out and even profit from it." - Aleksa pointed out.

Even though buying an apartment might seem unattainable at the very first glance, if you decide to take this step, you will be doing the right thing for your family and yourself. Many of the banks operating on the Serbian market have decided to implement the recommendations of the National Bank of Serbia and provide various home loan related benefits to its clients. The real estate market in Serbia is blooming with increasingly more developments being constructed. Although it might seem that the time for such an investment is not right - it actually very much is.